Thank you to everyone who joined us singing online over the last 4 weeks - we are breaking from the virutal online streams for now while our team regroup, we hope to see you again in person soon!




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This choir was started to inspire people to sing and to get the opportunity to sing as a group to make a positive impact in the community, find out more about why we started ...




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This is an area for choir members to keep up to date with any news from the choir team, to listen through to their tracks and generally keep up to date with everything happening...




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Catch up on all the latest news, happenings and general information about the choir as the second phase of their journey continues - watch this space ... 



Welcome message

If like me you grew up watching Sister Act and listening to Nina Simone and Johnny Cash and thought - hey,I would totally love to do this, well this is your chance! We get together and sing a huge array of music, with a gospel style - it's fun, funky and will leave you singing long into the week out of rehearsals. We are lucky enough to work with talented music Director Cat again in 2019 and also welcome some new faces to the team! 

"I absolutely love to see people get inspired, this is what this choir is all about." Faith

Now in our second year (how did that happen!?) - we are ready to welcome new singers, to get inspired, have fun and sing as a group together. SO what are you waiting for?"

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